Gintaras Jaronis (b. 1956.) lives and works in Kaunas. He studied science technology 1975 - 1977 m. (KPI), participated in the photography club Kaunas and Lithuanian society of photography. 1979 to 83 in 1984 - 1987. he continued his studies in Vilnius Art Institute. Worked photo studio manager, art teacher, graphic designer for several years, engaged in individual activities. Since 2006. work at the university, Centre for Cultural Studies and infrastructure service (Activities: study technique, photography, video, website development and maintenance, organization of events). 2010 - 2013 m. He collaborated with VMU Diaspora Studies Centre. Since 2009. Academic publications of the Group and the Environment, "co-author. Photographs published in print and online publications, "Neman", "Culture bars", "Meridian"; kamane.lt, alkas.lt, bernardinai.lt, vdu.lt etc .. Since 2015. Gabriele cooperate with Public Art Gallery. There is a gallery web site at http: //gabrielegallery.euNuoroda open in a new window, developer and administrator. There is a newly restored Kaunas photo club member.

He held several solo and joint exhibitions and participated in group exhibitions of photographic art. Amber Jaron works have been acquired by the National Art Museum of Lithuania, Čiurlionis Society, individuals.

solo exhibitions
1976. landscape photography exhibition Kaunas Photography store.
1987. The exhibition of photographs Minor photography gallery in Kaunas.
1988. Photography exhibition Girstutis Cultural Palace in Kaunas.
2002. The photography exhibition "Sunday music concerts S. Vainiūnas home in Vilnius.
2005. creative works exhibition: "Sunday Music" concert moments M.K. Čiurlionio birthplace - Old Varena (photography); "From landscape to abstraction: Variations on the theme of nature Dzukijos (photography, computer graphics), III international arts festival Druskininkai Summer with M.K. Čiurlionis. The exhibition acted sanatorium "Lithuania" in Druskininkai.
2006. The photography exhibition "Society and life styles. Subcultures "at the university.
2007. The photography exhibition "Society and Lifestyles / Society and Lifestyles. Festival Month Juodaragis, Zarasas island, Zarasai.
2011. Exhibition of photographs of Fuji photo salon in Kaunas.
2015. The photography exhibition "Being myself. From meditation to celebration "Kaunas Various Cultures Centre.
2015. The photography exhibition "Travel fragments / infrared photography. PPC "Akropolis Kaunas.
2016. The photography exhibition "Fragments. Getting to myself." Kaunas Artists' House.

group exhibitions
1985. "Sections of prey exhibition Self-portrait and still life" Confluence "cinema in Kaunas;
1986. VI Republican exhibition of works by young photographers in Vilnius.
1988. Kaunas exhibition of works by young photographers Fotoeksperimentai Minor photography gallery in Kaunas.
2004. M.K. Čiurlionis Society Old Varena card members, artists Algirdas Valentine Kaliūno, Mindaugas Sliudiko and Amber Jaron exhibition of Lithuanian Parliament House.
2005. M.K. Čiurlionis Society Old Varena card members, artists Algirdas Valentine Kaliūno, Mindaugas SIUDIKO and Amber Jaron exhibition Kaunas County Public Library.
2005. The photography exhibition "A child needs home" (with Vetro Antanavičiūtė). The exhibition of the festival "Kaunas Day 2005" program, the exhibition organized by the Child Welfare Center "Shelter."
2009. Photo Exhibition Society and Lifestyles "at the University of Salford (UK).
2009. photographs and information stands Exhibition Society and Lifestyles / Society and Lifestyles "at the university.
2010. Lithuanian and Latvian photographers exhibition VMU Faculty of Humanities.
2013 - 2015 m. Kaunas photo club members' annual photography exhibition in Kaunas a shopping and entertainment center "Akropolis" LUHS radiology clinic; Vytautas Magnus University.
2014. The exhibition of photographs. (Sub) culture "- Tom Pabedinskas; "Groups and the environment" - Amber Jaronis, Agne Kalėdienė, the sea (VMU Centre for Cultural Studies archive exposure). The exhibition was open at the university.